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Fred Sampedro

..., for Nature cannot be fooled.

Frederic Sampedro Santalo. 21/09/1988, Barcelona, Spain.,

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- [coursing] PhD in Medicine. Director: Prof. Ignasi Carrió. Autonomous University of Barcelona (Faculty of Medicine).

- [coursing] MSc in Intelligent Systems. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (IT department).

- MSc in Technological-based Business Administration. University of Barcelona (Faculty of Economics). Average grade of 85%.

- MSc in Biomedical Engineering. University of Barcelona and Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Average grade of 91%.

- MSc in Electrical Engineering. University of Barcelona (Faculty of Physics).Average grade of 89%.

- BSc in Computer Science. University of Barcelona (Faculty of Mathematics). Degree with Honors.Average grade of 95%.

Awards and Honors

- Honors BSc Degree (Computer Science).

- "Ángel Herrera" award for best high school student

Employment history

July 2011 - September 2012

Member of the SIC-BIO group at the Faculty of Physics (Electronics department), University of Barcelona, with Josep Samitier as group leader.

June 2011 - Present

Collaboration with Hospital de Sant Pau: Nuclear Medicine Department, with Ignasi Carrio as group leader. I incorporated SISCOM and SPM software tools in the department and introduced the team to medical image processing theoretical concepts.

January 2010 - July 2010

Member of the TEETI group at the Faculty of Physics (Electronics department), University of Barcelona.


- Measuring and managing intellectual capital at a university hospital in the 21st century. F. Sampedro Camarena, Mª P Salmador Sánchez, F. Sampedro Santaló, E. Ruiz Castañé. 13th European Conference on Knowledge Management, Cartagena, Spain, 2012.

- Knowledge management and empowerment at a university hospital in the 21st century. F. Sampedro Camarena, Mª P Salmador Sánchez, F. Sampedro Santaló, E. Ruiz Castañé. 13th European Conference on Knowledge Management, Cartagena, Spain, 2012.

- Telomerase and telomere dynamics in ageing and cancer, current status and future directions. F. Sampedro Camarena, G.Cano Serral and F. Sampedro Santalo. Clinical & Translational Oncology (2007) pages 145-154.

- Biological samples imaging with tuning fork based nanosensors in ambient and liquid conditions. Laura Gonzalez, Jorge Otero, Luis Botaya, Roger Oria, Frederic Sampedro, Manel Puig-Vidal. IBEC (Institute for bioengineering of Catalonia) Symposium 2012.

- 18F-FDG in the evaluation of Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and language or memory alteration. Liliana Ma.Quintero, Frederic Sampedro, Alejandro Fernandez, Valle Camacho. SEMNIM Congress 2012. Best poster award.

- Exploiting modular design of graph theory based software. A new software development approach in scientific applications and education. Frederic Sampedro, Anna Puig, Antoni Benseny. CEIG Congress 2012.


- BSc Dissertation: Design and implementation of graph theory based software tools with applications in Electronics, Chemistry and Biomedicine(description available in this link).

- MSc Dissertation (Biomedical Engineering): Design, implementation and characterization of quartz tuning fork based biosensors.

- MSc Dissertation (Electrical Engineering): Single cell impedance spectroscopy analysis in a robotized nanobiocharacterization station.

- Independent project with Emilio Cano (Hewlett-Packard Engineer): Computational simulation of the action potential generation and propagation across unmyelinated axons. Applications in sclerosis multiple and drug design.


Software engineer

- Programming experience: C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Matlab/Simulink, R, Mathematica, LaTeX, Prolog, Assembler x86.
- Graphics and visualization: OpenGL, ITK/VTK.
- Database design and implementation: PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access.
- Web design and administration: I’ve designed and implemented my personal website ( ) where I have used XHTML, CSS, Javascript and Perl CGI.
- Operating systems administration: Windows (XP,7), Linux (Ubuntu,Debian), Mac OS X (Leopard).

Hardware engineer

- Electronic circuits design and simulation: PSPICE, CADENCE, VHDL.
- PCB design: P-CAD.
- Signal acquisition and real time monitoring: LabView, SUN-spot Java.
- Finite element modeling and simulation: ANSYS.

Biomedical engineer

- Biomedical signal processing experience (ECG,EEG,EMG,spirometry) using MATLAB.
- Biosystems modeling (respiratory, vascular, biochemical and homeostatic systems) using Simulink.
- Biomedical volume and image processing: SPM, MRIcro,ParaView, Slicer3D, Phillips nuclear medicine stations.

- I earned Cambridge Advanced Certificate in June 2008. Native Spanish and Catalan and basic French (two years coursed during 2002-2003).

Teaching skills
- Being passionate about what I learn, and having taken courses from a wide variety of fields, motivating examples and clear teaching come out fairly easy.


Into my others section I must mention that I own a B-type car licence and I'm an sport enthusiast. I played Tennis for 7 years (which involves a great mental training in competitions), Football and Basketball ( where group skills are needed to perform well ) and swimming (where precision and accuracy are essential).


My main interest is to become a researcher while teaching for some years undergraduate Biomedical Engineering courses. In order to achieve that goal, I plan to pursue a PhD in Medicine or Biomedical sciences while collaborating with all kinds of research groups in the field. Having an entrepreneur component, I am also interested in making the most of my research results within the biomedical market.